I’m prayin’ for my brother.

I for one hope he can reduce the amount of negative energy around him and keep it moving in a more positive light!!!!


I don’t have a bunch of stuff to say today. i am gearing up to get in the studio and put some new music together. I am also looking for someone to help me pimp this blog so it looks like it is supposed to. That’s all. I’m watchin the news and they are trying to crucify Barak for his Afganistan decision. Later


Day 1

This is my blog. I have had it up for a while but I was sleeping on it’s potential. I didn’t realize how dope this invention was and that I could use it to take over the world.( devilish smile) So here we go. Right now the design is pretty basic but being the diabolical mastermind that I am that will change soon.
At present I am sitting at one of life’s crossroads. My first child arrived in the world last week and I am beyond overjoyed. My wife and I are tired as hell ( as we should be) but so excited about our new addition. So personally I am in a wonderful place. Professionally, however, is a whole ‘nother thing. I am in the process of roping in my creative endeavors and getting them in order to form a new leg in my career path. While I have been making a living for a good while as a comedian/host/actor it is far from all that I am or do. I am much broader and more creatively diverse than has been shown to the world in the past fifteen years. I am a rapper, producer, writer, artist and entrepreneur. These other branches are screaming to be exploited and exposed to the world at large. So much so that they keep me up many nights. So today I officially exploit and expose them for better or worse. HERE WE GO!!!! stay tuned………