Day 1

This is my blog. I have had it up for a while but I was sleeping on it’s potential. I didn’t realize how dope this invention was and that I could use it to take over the world.( devilish smile) So here we go. Right now the design is pretty basic but being the diabolical mastermind that I am that will change soon.
At present I am sitting at one of life’s crossroads. My first child arrived in the world last week and I am beyond overjoyed. My wife and I are tired as hell ( as we should be) but so excited about our new addition. So personally I am in a wonderful place. Professionally, however, is a whole ‘nother thing. I am in the process of roping in my creative endeavors and getting them in order to form a new leg in my career path. While I have been making a living for a good while as a comedian/host/actor it is far from all that I am or do. I am much broader and more creatively diverse than has been shown to the world in the past fifteen years. I am a rapper, producer, writer, artist and entrepreneur. These other branches are screaming to be exploited and exposed to the world at large. So much so that they keep me up many nights. So today I officially exploit and expose them for better or worse. HERE WE GO!!!! stay tuned………


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