Slept on song of the Week

I am a big advocate for music that’s good. That means that I often overlook a single on an album to listen to what else an artist has to offer. Jill Scott is to me one of the pre-eminent songsresses of her generation. Her first album held me captive  for months when it was first released. I love that album from start to finish, as I do with most of her projects. The song that I felt was slept on was the Jazzy Jeff produced ( i think) “Slowly Surely”. Based on a sampled loop, with tight drum production on top ,this track is hypnotizing with a great message and Jill delivers the goods. I’ve uploaded it. listen and enjoy. if you like it download it from iTunes or whatever and let the girl know you dig her. Cleezy


Today’s new beat

I made this this morning. Just a sketch but I am ready to spit over it. It makes me think of something Nas would use. Anyway, I copped the sample late last night and put the track together before getting to work in the office/studio.