Telling Jokes in NY

By popular demand I am performing at Caroline’s this week.


Shoot today/taking it easy this morning

I’m in the middle of a two day shoot for a Maxwell House commercial. I’ not on set until 3:30 so I am spending the whole morning with my three month old, and lovin’ every second of it. She da shit!I got beats comin this week. Stay tuned.

Some ’90’s sh*t

Just a loop. On some Alexander O’neal, Janet Jackson ish. For the poet style MC’s.

Yesterdays track

Made this yesterday. Love it. Not quite finished yet. Met Chris Clarke on the street. He is the son of Stanley Clarke and a rapper/producer himself. The ill part is that he knew some of my rhymes from back on Rap City.I sent him this track and he is already writing to it. Impressive!

1/22 beat redo

I re-used the sample from the beat i made on 1/22. I like this much better. Somebody get Jada Kiss/Ghostface or Beans on the phone