Let Us Get Back To What We Call Hip Hop

I tweeted (@joeclair) a question yesterday. I asked if I should go back to interviewing rappers again. I didn’t get that many responses, because I don’t have a billion followers like ‘Lil Duval, but those who did respond resoundingly told me to go back to what I am good at. Interviewing rappers. Later yesterday I had a convo with my man Pluck, who I plan on featuring in this space soon, and he told me that even when hip-hop was dead I was still a fan.  He went on to tell me I still had a spark for the music and culture that he felt was a unique Joe Clair/ Cleezy thing. He “grew-up” watching me and said that the spirit and energy that I bought to the game has never been duplicated and that my lane was still wide open. So here we go.

Currently I am sittin’ in a Starbucks in Studio City, California and I am still very inspired and in love with hip-hop, or whatever it’s called these days. I am sporting an old black LRG t-shirt that says “Can’t Blame The Youth” on it, it’s fresh though. I am rockin’ a fresh pair of  jet black Dickies, my wife hates these pants, and a pair of all black Airs. Black hat cocked. I’m all in.

These days I am secretly spending a lot of my free time turning myself into the MC I’ve always wanted to be and I am keeping up with the who’s who and what’s what of Hip-Hop. I am really feeling the dude Kendrick Lamar’s “Pussy and Patron”; actually just the first part with the dope beat and rhyme, e’rything ‘Ye is doing, Nicky Minaj with that “before I put this pussy on your chip tooth” line (wish my wife would talk to me that way), that LLoyd Banks “Do My Thing” gets turned up loud every time I get in the car and everything else. I’m all in.

I will work out an editorial schedule and this space will become the online equivalent of “Rap City”. I plan on adding a lot of Anthony Bourdain to the way I cover hip hop as to add some new flavor and hopefully a little class. I will be posting my rhymes and beats (yes I produce as well) in this space and I will gladly feature new music I think you should be up on as well as old classics that I felt were overlooked. I’m all in.

This movement can’t be done alone so I am willing to work with any and everyone who is done for my vision and feel that they have something to add to what I’m embarking on. So Holla atcha boi. I suck at photo shop so I’m gonna need y’all to turn me on to a dope graphic artist  to come up with the elements we need to make this thang official. We need a twitter/facebook intern and anybody who knows the product placement dudes at Nike tell ’em get at me. ‘Cause I’m all in!

Shout out to @streetbangtv (youtube.com/StreetBangTV) for bein’ down from day one. Chuck and Greg over at http://www.AllHIPHOP.com get the utmost love and respect (pause) and my girl Sheena C over at DonDiva (http://www.dondivamag.com) gets ’nuff props (like it’s ’92). Here we go folks. This is feeling good already. I’m in Cali so anybody who knows that kid Kendrick Lamar tell ’em I’m lookin’ for him and would like an interview.

I’m posting a track here as well. Listen and find out where ya boy is at with that beat ish. I’m all in.


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