OK, sooooooooo,

I  had a show at Peen State on Saturday night. Shout out to the Sigmas up there( at least y’all party like the Nupes!). And, Sunday morning I got up and drove back to Philly. I linked with the dude Chill Moody through twitter and drove straight to his studio from off the highway.The studio is in North Philly and is some real hip-hop shit. Like a 2010 BeatStreet hook-up.It was an old building that people now rent out and use as art studios and offices for us creative types. There spot had all an MC could want and/or need; keyboards,MP,Pro-Tools hook up and a booth.  His squad was there and we went right in like it was Rap City 2010. Dude was 100%. His producer Wes was there showing some ill tricks in FL studio and playing some dope ass Philly beats. When I say Philly beats I mean that real hip-hop feel that the City Of Brotherly Love is known for.

Chill’s crew, The Establishment, fell through as well ( well one member of the crew) and I got to watch the brothers in action. He is currently putting the finishing touches on his new album, WesChilly, due out Dec. 13th. As I watched them work and listened to tracks I realized in a big way that HIP-HOP AINT DEAD! These dudes are doing the kind of music all of us old heads keep askin’ for, with a new school attitude and sensability. We shot an interview and I snapped a few photos. I would put some video and images in this post but I’m sitting in the airport on my way back to LA and my camera is dead and I didn’t start chopping the footage yet. So with that said…stay tuned to this space as I introduce y’all to Chill Moody and the P3 movement.



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