Happy I’m Old

I just watched KRS-ONE’s new video. I F’n love it. It is what we call “classic” hip-hop. Kris made a record for those listening and yearning for something a little more poignant and fulfilling in their music. It is pretty typical of his material and he doesn’t stray from the formula much. It’s middle of the road boom-bap, and was produced by the one and only Mad Lion. In one word the shit is DOPE.

I watched it on WorldStarHipHop, the site I hate to love. I was surprised when I saw it and clicked and viewed it twice, before I read the comments.  I deliberately skip the comments most of the time because of the ignorance and hate that the Interwebs allow. It always seems to drag me down a bit or put me in a place where I am rooting for the negativity to win. I hate it. However I decided to check out what people had to say. Most of the people who clicked and commented loved it like I did but of course the negative voice is usually the loudest these days, and Kris did have his detractors. The main brick in their wall of hate was the fact that the song sounded old and that Kris’s style was dated and dead.  One commenter who was probably around my age gave the song a big fat goose egg and suggested that KRS go sit the fuck down and get un-stuck from the 90’s.

Interestingly a commenter chimed in to state that the reason it was wack was because today’s music was all about swag and how to “motivate the bitches”. I laughed at this one and decided to write this little piece your reading. If today’s music is all about swag and how to motivate the bitches I argue that today’s artist may not be around long. Swag, as you young whipper snappers call it, will pass in time and is really just a trend. Just as cross colors and afro-centricity had their place and were replaced, so will what is “now”. With a few exceptions today’s artist will have a tough time staying around more than a few years and will be on the milk carton in XXL before you know it. Now, it’s not like all of the artist of yesterday made it to see a long and fruitful career. The reality is quite the contrary. Most MF’s is gone. G-O-N-E- gone! And long gone. They were victims of style over substance. Trend over class. Now over tomorrow. To be truthful a lot of the rapper cats are cornballs. They just happen to catch the wave and ride it as long as they can. But then you have the true artist. The ones who stick around. The ones that put trends on and take ‘em off effortlessly and keep it moving. These people are truly IT. These are special breed. These cats would have been a dope saxophonist had he been born in the jazz era. Or a classic voice if opera was the music of the day. These are the Jay-Zs and Kanyes and Ludas etc. Then you have the other guy who does what was poppin’ in his time ‘til he is dead. They do what made them pop in the first place until they can’t anymore regardless of what anyone has to say. These are the KRS-Ones, Too-Shorts, Bun Bs and Scarfaces.

I’m so happy I am old enough to have this hindsight. I suggest that everyone get it especially today’s rapper. Because without it we  are destined to walk the path of the remember hims. The where the fuck you beens  and the what the fuck happened to you’s. That’s all. Holla back


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