For my wife.

Hey baby, I’m singing this to you all day long while we’re apart. The youngins make some good music every now and then.


Kendrick Lamar in DC

OK so for those of us born back in the day, this dude and his squad are sort of a big deal. Check ’em out and get caught up.


Big Sean/Kanye/Jay……GOOD MUSIC!


For those of you who don’t know this is where Harlem is in Hip-hop these days. I wonder if Dougie sanctioned this. enjoy.

Dead Prez On Sway

100. all. ways.


Fuck Terrence J -aka- Check Your Hate

The devil and his evil ways tried to take over this morning but God’s infinite glory showed me the light!

Gator on y’all ninjas!

This is funny for ever. When Sam Jackson gets all excitede at the beginning of the scene is hilarious. Happy Wednesday.


Mysticals back. After jail time he still got the spits. I feel a certain way about why he went to jail but that aint got nothin to do with the music for me. So check it and judge for yourself.

Cleezy Love the Kids….MJYF gala that I hosted.

I recently hosted the 20th annual Maynard Jackson Youth Foundation Gala in Atlanta. B.O.B. performed and lit the crowd up. The event was inspirational as it highlighted individuals who are having an impact on our world that keep in the tradition of Maynard Jackson himself. I was in my best southern summer attire. Peep the bowtie neegros! Watch and enjoy.



#OldMusic4NewNiggas – The Parcyde- She Said (J Dilla rmx)

Show this one to your youngins!