Micheal Clarke Duncan Takes It On Home. R.I.P. brother

If you haven’t heard the brother passed away this weekend from a heart attack he suffered months ago. He will be missed. Word of his death spread quickly this weekend but you may have missed it with the weekend goings on. Anyway, when I heard I put down the Popeye’s and put out the blunt. Real talk. He’s gone but we can all agree he did his thing while he was here. I think I’m about to watch “The Last Mimzy” with the little one’s and pay tribute.

Here’s other stuff I found on the web about his passing:

According to ABC News, actor Michael Clarke Duncan of The Green Mile and “Bones” fame has died.  His fiancee  Omarosa Manigault-Stallworth confirmed his death with the Associated Press. Duncan was hospitalized in July after suffering a heart attack and never fully recovered. He was 54 years Old.

Michael Clarke Duncan was born and raised in Chicago and was working as a ditch digger and bodyguard in Hollywood before getting his break in 1998′s Armageddon. His co-star Bruce Willis recommended him for the role of an inmate with magical powers named John Coffey in 1999′s The Green Mile.

Must Read: Michael Clarke Duncan’s Most Memorable Movie Roles [VIDEO]


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