It’s All-Star Weekend…..BITCH!

It’s February 19th, 2011 and I am in the crib. It’s raining here in LA and my wife and baby are upstairs sleeping. I’m doing some tracks, drinking Red Stripe and having a  rare quiet Saturday evening at home. I welcome time like this because it comes so infrequently. I am usually working some club or venue on a Saturday night slingin’ these jokes. It feels good being home on a night like this all cold and rainy. I’m about to take a shot of this One Barrel rum from Belize and spoon with my better half ’til I fall off to sleep.I’m happy as hell.

It’s also All-Star Saturday. LA is Niggra central right now. Black folks from all around have come to see and be seen by …other black folks I guess. There are parties galore.  The hoes are in full swing. “Ballers” are throwing that money away, I mean around like it’s nothin’. Hotels are sold out everywhere. I did an event at Centennial High School in Compton yesterday for BET’s Wrap-It-Up campaign in conjunction with the CDC and The Magic Johnson Foundation. The CDC People had to stay way out somewhere because all hotels were booked. Right now my phone is full of messages from all kinds of folks in town for the festivities. Some of these folks I haven’t seen nor heard from in years. Some wanting to crash at my spot. Others asking if I know how to get tickets to events. A couple of people called and asked if I had my weed card and if I could get them some of that good medicinal. SMDH!

My wife and I went to dinner on Thursday in Beverly Hills and we saw some sisters walking around who looked completely out of place. Now, before you accuse me of being ‘bougie’, you should know that the office for my budding production company in Bev. Hills and spend a lot of time there, so I know when folks are out of place.These sisters were raggedy at best. The attitude they had screamed confidence and ignorance at the same time. You know the type. Shopping bags galore. A whole lot of weave, bad make-up and cheap jewelry. One expensive designer piece on coupled with a bunch of garbage.The look that says my outfit and accessories validate me.  Me and my wife just shook our heads and took note that the groupie/hood-rat/wack broad procession had begun and were ashamed that we could recognize it as such.

Nobody I know actually has tickets to the game but they are here nonetheless. Why?

Now I’ve been to my share of Niggra events including many All-Star games. However most times I was working. Either with BET or as a comic. I never went just to go. I never understood the lure. The last All-Star weekend I went to was the one in Vegas a few years back and I was mortified at what black folks would do to be seen in the place-to-be. Many people travel thousands of miles just to get to the city where the game is held without money for food and lodging. It’s a GOT-DAMN-SHAME. Thousand of man-boys walking around with all their swag on and no where to go. The sisters right behind them looking just as pitiful. As I left one event in my old Ford Expedition (which I still drive daily) one sister said “There go Joe Clair. Ooooh I hope that’s a rental.” as she stood in line to get into a celebrity party I got paid to cover.

Now please don’t get me wrong I like a party just as much as the next person. Matter of fact I have been known to get it in a lot harder than most. But, I never and I repeat never did the whole “me and a bunch of niggas ’bout to wil’ out at All-Star with no money shit”. NEVER. (after college that is) That’s some bullshit if I’ve ever seen it. It’s a clear sign of misplaced priorities, backwards thinking and all around ignorance. In other words NIGGA SHIT!

Maybe I’m just old.

Maybe I’m a cornball.

Maybe I’m as square as they come.

I hope that everyone who came to the All-Star game has a good time and gets home safely. I hope then that they read this little blog and think about the shit that we do as a people. We come and dump millions of dollars into the Los Angeles economy with little or no return. As the Arab world is exploding because people want some basic rights and a better standard of living, we are putting money in someone elses  pocket and letting the rights we fought so hard for slip away.  As my man Bob would say, we are “Fucking that bread off!”. This in a time when little niggas cant read and are killing each other en mass. Teen pregnancy amongst young African Americans is still at an alarming rate and we have little to no financial stability. We are still more likely to go to jail than college. We still have the highest rates among the worst shit and the lowest rates among the best shit. Hol’ up…As a matter of fact, ain’t we still in a recession? Jesus! This is some ass-backwards shit if I’ve ever seen it and I wonder if and when we will ever wake up.

As I write this it’s feeling like we are just being used again. Givin’ up our money for nothin’. At the end of the year we’ll have a story to tell and nothing positive to show for it. It’s a GOT-DAMN-SHAME. If those same “Ballers” took one week to think collectively they could start a major corporation with the money and resources they could touch. The sisters could; with the money they spent coming to LA, getting a hotel, getting their hair done, nails done, feet done, start an investment group or a small business that would give them some return on their money. But both of those ideas would be too white for us. Nah, we gots ta do Nigga shit with our money. Got’s ta waste it trying to keep up with the Combs’s. It’s some sad shit folks.

Anyway, have fun and practice safe sex.

That’s my two cents.