Commercial King

So you know I stay on my grind constantly. (in Rozay voice I’m thinkin’ money every minute thinkin money). So last Saturday I shot a commercial for Time Warner Cable. It was a great shoot out in Pasadena. Shout out my boy Freddy and the staff of Off The Shelf Catering ( my favorite ) The house we shot at was the kinda house you wish you had despite already having a nice house. It was very warm in their spot.  BTW when you see me in a commercial ie. Maxwell House, and you see me in a house, nine times out of ten its a real house that the production company rented for the day. The people are usually gone for the day and we use their house. Anyway, the interesting thing about the shoot, besides the incredible crew, was that they shot my part on a Cannon 5D camera. It’s a still photography camera that shoots video to a card. It’s what everybody is shooting their videos with these days.
I had a great time and decided to post some of the photos including a shot of my 3 y/o co-star Jo-Jo who was a consummate pro and made the day easy.


where I be

I flew into Seattle not too long ago. On the lane when we were making our initial decent I wanted to see if I could see the space needle joint. (is that what it’s called?) Anyway I grabbed my trusty iPhone and snapped  away as we flew over the city. Here are the images. I was doing a show with Tiffany Haddish and Chris Spencer. It went well.  After the show we went to Denny’s and I swear the grimy handed cook, I noticed through my semi- drunken stupor as I walked in gave me Salmonella. I was sick for about ten days after this trip. Anyway here go the pics. Peace to all the folks In Seattle who came out. Y’all aight wit me!